Stevie's youthful looks really bug Iain, his business partner. Although 10 years younger Iain is usually picked as the older of the pair.

Having had a formal culinary education in New Zealand, Iain has worked in 5 star hotels, Michelin listed restaurants, boutique hotels amongst many other venues in a career that spans 18 years and five countries.
Iain has travelled extensively, his obsessive nature and the exhaustive research about the countries he visits have influenced his broad culinary repertoire.
Also a Head Chef, Iain is capable in the national cuisines of several countries, along with large scale high end cookery. Iain focuses on seasonal produce when he cooks, to produce fresh tasting modern food.



After cutting his teeth with Pierre Koffman, Stevie has gone on to work around London in almost every style of venue you could think of, hotels, events, restaurants and bars.
Currently working as a Head Chef for a contract catering company Stevie has a strong knowledge of grab and go items and the commercial side of retail catering that goes along with it, having spent many years in this side of the contract catering business.
Having worked in professional kitchens for over 25 years in London town Stevie has seen every food trend, service style and fad that has swept through this great city.
Having had the fore sight to cherry pick and record the best experiences and recipes as the trends unfolds, he is able to utilise his experiences to create superb seasonal fine dining for his clients.